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World Series Champions from 1903 to Present

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Since its inaugural season in 1903, the roster of World Series champions has served as a living chronicle of baseball’s most exhilarating moments and a testament to the unmatched skill of its greatest teams.

Each name inscribed in this illustrious record encapsulates a unique story of resilience, triumph, and timeless sportsmanship.

In a sport where every pitch counts and every second matters, the World Series stands as the ultimate test of grit and determination.

This hallowed competition has left an indelible imprint on the canvas of American sports history, forging legends and inspiring millions.

In this list, we travel through the annals of time to honor these paragons of baseball – the World Series champions from 1903 to the present.

We explore their unforgettable journeys, recount the electrifying matches that led to their victories, and celebrate the players who became household names.

Spanning more than a century, this compilation presents an intriguing glimpse into the evolution of the sport itself.

From the grit and gusto of the early 20th-century teams to the precision and power of the contemporary titans, the World Series is a mirror reflecting the changing landscape of baseball.

There is something magical about the World Series.

The crisp autumn air, the thunderous applause of the crowd, the thrilling anticipation of every swing – it’s a spectacle that captivates hearts and ignites imaginations.

As we delve into the past and present of World Series champions, we pay tribute not just to the victories, but also to the spirit of the game – the camaraderie, the passion, and the relentless pursuit of glory that defines baseball.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan, a casual observer, or a budding enthusiast, join us on this exciting journey through the annals of baseball’s most prestigious honor.

List of World Series Champions and the Runners-up

YearWorld Series ChampionsRunner-up
2022Houston AstrosPhiladelphia Phillies
2021Atlanta BravesHouston Astros
2020Los Angeles DodgersTampa Bay Rays
2019Washington NationalsHouston Astros
2018Boston Red SoxLos Angeles Dodgers
2017Houston AstrosLos Angeles Dodgers
2016Chicago CubsCleveland Indians
2015Kansas City RoyalsNew York Mets
2014San Francisco GiantsKansas City Royals
2013Boston Red SoxSt. Louis Cardinals
2012San Francisco GiantsDetroit Tigers
2011St. Louis CardinalsTexas Rangers
2010San Francisco GiantsTexas Rangers
2009New York YankeesPhiladelphia Phillies
2008Philadelphia PhilliesTampa Bay Rays
2007Boston Red SoxColorado Rockies
2006St. Louis CardinalsDetroit Tigers
2005Chicago White SoxHouston Astros
2004Boston Red SoxSt. Louis Cardinals
2003Florida MarlinsNew York Yankees
2002Anaheim AngelsSan Francisco Giants
2001Arizona DiamondbacksNew York Yankees
2000New York YankeesNew York Mets
1999New York YankeesAtlanta Braves
1998New York YankeesSan Diego Padres
1997Florida MarlinsCleveland Indians
1996New York YankeesAtlanta Braves
1995Atlanta BravesCleveland Indians
1994No World Series due to strike
1993Toronto Blue JaysPhiladelphia Phillies
1992Toronto Blue JaysAtlanta Braves
1991Minnesota TwinsAtlanta Braves
1990Cincinnati RedsOakland Athletics
1989Oakland AthleticsSan Francisco Giants
1988Los Angeles DodgersOakland Athletics
1987Minnesota TwinsSt. Louis Cardinals
1986New York MetsBoston Red Sox
1985Kansas City RoyalsSt. Louis Cardinals
1984Detroit TigersSan Diego Padres
1983Baltimore OriolesPhiladelphia Phillies
1982St. Louis CardinalsMilwaukee Brewers
1981Los Angeles DodgersNew York Yankees
1980Philadelphia PhilliesKansas City Royals
1979Pittsburgh PiratesBaltimore Orioles
1978New York YankeesLos Angeles Dodgers
1977New York YankeesLos Angeles Dodgers
1976Cincinnati RedsNew York Yankees
1975Cincinnati RedsBoston Red Sox
1974Oakland AthleticsLos Angeles Dodgers
1973Oakland AthleticsNew York Mets
1972Oakland AthleticsCincinnati Reds
1971Pittsburgh PiratesBaltimore Orioles
1970Baltimore OriolesCincinnati Reds
1969New York MetsBaltimore Orioles
1968Detroit TigersSt. Louis Cardinals
1967St. Louis CardinalsBoston Red Sox
1966Baltimore OriolesLos Angeles Dodgers
1965Los Angeles DodgersMinnesota Twins
1964St. Louis CardinalsNew York Yankees
1963Los Angeles DodgersNew York Yankees
1962New York YankeesSan Francisco Giants
1961New York YankeesCincinnati Reds
1960Pittsburgh PiratesNew York Yankees
1959Los Angeles DodgersChicago White Sox
1958New York YankeesMilwaukee Braves
1957Milwaukee BravesNew York Yankees
1956New York YankeesBrooklyn Dodgers
1955Brooklyn DodgersNew York Yankees
1954New York GiantsCleveland Indians
1953New York YankeesBrooklyn Dodgers
1952New York YankeesBrooklyn Dodgers
1951New York YankeesNew York Giants
1950New York YankeesPhiladelphia
1949New York YankeesBrooklyn Dodgers
1948Cleveland IndiansBoston Braves
1947New York YankeesBrooklyn Dodgers
1946St. Louis CardinalsBoston Red Sox
1945Detroit TigersChicago Cubs
1944St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Browns
1943New York YankeesSt. Louis Cardinals
1942St. Louis CardinalsNew York Yankees
1941New York YankeesBrooklyn Dodgers
1940Cincinnati RedsDetroit Tigers
1939New York YankeesCincinnati Reds
1938New York YankeesChicago Cubs
1937New York YankeesNew York Giants
1936New York YankeesNew York Giants
1935Detroit TigersChicago Cubs
1934St. Louis CardinalsDetroit Tigers
1933New York GiantsWashington Senators
1932New York YankeesChicago Cubs
1931St. Louis CardinalsPhiladelphia Athletics
1930Philadelphia AthleticsSt. Louis Cardinals
1929Philadelphia AthleticsChicago Cubs
1928New York YankeesSt. Louis Cardinals
1927New York YankeesPittsburgh Pirates
1926St. Louis CardinalsNew York Yankees
1925Pittsburgh PiratesWashington Senators
1924Washington SenatorsNew York Giants
1923New York YankeesNew York Giants
1922New York GiantsNew York Yankees
1921New York GiantsNew York Yankees
1920Cleveland IndiansBrooklyn Dodgers
1919Cincinnati RedsChicago White Sox
1918Boston Red SoxChicago Cubs
1917Chicago White SoxNew York Giants
1916Boston Red SoxBrooklyn Dodgers
1915Boston Red SoxPhiladelphia Phillies
1914Boston BravesPhiladelphia Athletics
1913Philadelphia AthleticsNew York Giants
1912Boston Red SoxNew York Giants
1911Philadelphia AthleticsNew York Giants
1910Philadelphia AthleticsChicago Cubs
1909Pittsburgh PiratesDetroit Tigers
1908Chicago CubsDetroit Tigers
1907Chicago CubsDetroit Tigers
1906Chicago White SoxChicago Cubs
1905New York GiantsPhiladelphia Athletics
1904No World Series played
1903Boston AmericansPittsburgh Pirates

List credit: Major League Baseball


The list of the World Series Champions is an impressive testament to the successes and history of some of baseball’s most triumphant teams.

Through their hard work and dedication, these teams have achieved a coveted level of excellence that will never be forgotten.

Although the list is ever-evolving, with new teams entering the fray each year, it will forever be a reminder of some of the greatest moments in Major League Baseball history.

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FAQs: World Series Champions

1. Which team has won the most World Series championships?

The team with the most World Series championships is the New York Yankees, with 27 victories to their name.

They’ve also appeared in the series a record 40 times.

2. Have there been any notable streaks or records in World Series history?

Yes, several notable streaks and records exist in World Series history.

The New York Yankees hold the record for the longest winning streak, having won five consecutive championships from 1949 to 1953.

Additionally, the Yankees’ Don Larsen pitched the only perfect game in World Series history in 1956.

The 2018 Boston Red Sox hold the record for the most wins in a season (including postseason), with a total of 119.

3. What was the longest World Series game ever played?

The longest World Series game by duration was Game 3 of the 2018 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox.

The game lasted a staggering 7 hours and 20 minutes, ending in the 18th inning, making it not only the longest World Series game in terms of time but also in terms of innings.

The Dodgers won the game, 3-2.

4. Why was there no World Series played in 1904?

The 1904 World Series was not played due to a dispute between the two major leagues, the National League (NL) and the American League (AL).

At that time, there was no formal agreement for a postseason series.

The New York Giants, who were the NL champions, refused to play against the AL champions, the Boston Americans (who later became the Red Sox), due to the Giants’ owner, John T. Brush, considering the AL to be an inferior league.

Brush even went so far as to declare his Giants to be the world champions since they had won the “only real major league.”

After the missed series in 1904, the team owners reached an agreement to hold a World Series annually, starting from 1905, to determine the champion of the major leagues.

This has continued since then, except in 1994, when a players’ strike led to the cancellation of the series.

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