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Image of an ancient sumerian artifact

11 of the Most Famous Artifacts in History

The world has been home to an array of unique cultures, diverse traditions, and incredible histories that span thousands of years, each leaving behind a collection of the most famous artifacts in history. These are the relics – the significant remnants of the past that take us on a journey […]

Image of a cork board being used in an investigation

11 of the Most Infamous Serial Killers in History

The world has seen its fair share of notorious criminals, but few like serial killers have captured the public’s attention. These individuals have committed heinous crimes, often targeting vulnerable victims and leaving behind a trail of terror. Their crimes have shocked and horrified people worldwide, and their stories continue to […]

Image of pirate treasure, a compass, a spyglass and a skull on a table

11 Buccaneers: the Most Infamous Pirates in Seafaring History

The most infamous pirates in history have captured our imaginations with their daring exploits, ruthless tactics, and flamboyant personalities. From the golden age of piracy in the late 17th and early 18th centuries to modern-day pirates off the coast of Somalia, these seafaring bandits have struck fear in the hearts […]

Image of a major league baseball game at night

World Series Champions from 1903 to Present

Since its inaugural season in 1903, the roster of World Series champions has served as a living chronicle of baseball’s most exhilarating moments and a testament to the unmatched skill of its greatest teams. Each name inscribed in this illustrious record encapsulates a unique story of resilience, triumph, and timeless […]